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Our Sectors

Suppliers and manufacturers of Security Steel Fencing and Gates.
High security systems are designed to offer high deterrence and to increase the amount of time and effort that is required to attack and get through or over them. Our High Security Fencing Security accreditations providing that added extra protection.

Our systems provide aethetically pleasing secure options with obvious defence systems to deter and delay any attacks on boundaries.

Schools today have an obligation to secure their perimeters so that visitor access is limited to being by the approved entrance ways. The fences on these perimeters also need to have good vandal resistance qualities (they are attacked from both sides) as well as, preferably, having good aesthetics.
Schools also have requirements for internal fences, mainly for playgrounds and sports pitch surrounds, and these are covered under their respective headings elsewhere.

Sports Fencing systems are likely to take more physical punishment than any other fence type. Heras has a range of specially developed fencing systems to cater for such unique demands. Our sports fencing equipment covers everything from MUGAs and custom made courts to outdoor playing fields, Radius corners and FA goal recesses and basketball hoops. Allowing you to provide your customer with the perfect solution for their requirements.

All Steel Fencing offer an ideal range of safe and secure fencing and decorative railings designed for any home environment.
Our systems are ideal for marking boundaries, gardens or grassed areas for retirement homes, sheltered housing or homes for children.
All our recommended home railings can be supplied in a range of colours and combinations, we have a solution suitable for almost any home setting.

These ‘front of house’ fencing systems for commercial locations is important but the need for at least a medium level of boundary security is required. Each of the following styles can be colour powder coated to suit the company colours or building design and there is a choice of either ‘traditional’ or ‘modern’ designs.

Parks and recreation areas are, sadly, some of the most vulnerable areas for vandalism. At the same time, they are areas which do not want to be spoiled in appearance by industrial secure type fencing at their boundaries and walkways. There are a number of systems we offer which provide strength with aesthetic appeal.

Industrial locations commonly put greater importance on boundary performance and cost, in terms of vandal resistance and security.In many instances industrial locations tend to use these functional fences around their ‘hidden’ boundaries but then have more attractive systems at the front of their offices or where visitors are expected.
For this reason our mesh systems are recommended, these systems blend into environments while maintaining the demarcation and security status.

Public Sector.
These fencing systems and Gates are designed for public locations where safety and security is essential but the need for a maintenance free safe solution is required. Each of the following styles can be colour powder coated to suit the location and there is a choice of either ‘traditional’ or ‘modern’ designs.