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1.8m x 6.0m Double Leaf Palisade Gate


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Product Description

This 1.8m x 6.0m Double Leaf Palisade Gate is a really useful addition to Palisade Fencing systems which need to provide an access point to all vehicles. Containing two gate leaves which are 3.0m wide each. These gate leaves meet in the middle when closed and are secured by a sliding bolt and two drop bolts, which insert into the ground. There is also the opportunity to supply further security to your Palisade Gate by locking it with a Heavy Duty Padlock.

Standing 1.8m high, this Palisade Gate is more suitable for areas which are considered to be a low security risk. This security gate may be erected on sloping ground or level ground and on a variety of ground types. If you intend to erect this gate on soft ground, you will require Dig-In Posts. However, if you plan to erect this gate on hard ground like concrete, then Bolt Down Posts will be appropriate for this.

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