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2.0 High 358 Prison Mesh Security Fencing From £30.00 Per Metre


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Product Description

358 Prison Mesh

Prison guard mesh is designed to be extremely difficult to climb. The mesh is so tight that most people can’t get their fingers through it in order to gain any kind of purchase. This means that most people are simply unable to get the grip that they need in order to climb these panels. They also, unlike solid panels, offer excellent visibility through the fence. This means that you can still actively observe what is happening on the outside of your fence and easily spot any potential intruders.

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358 Prison Mesh is by far the most secure and rigid of all our mesh systems. This prison mesh is stylish yet also provides a good level of privacy compared to other mesh systems.

Prison Mesh is ideally suited where maximum security is required and the small gaps of the mesh and the thickness of the wire make scaling and cutting Prison Mesh difficult. The mesh is fixed to the post with full length stretcher bars and insert bolts and there is 3 whole positions at each fixing point for stepping of the fence where required.

The apertures in the mesh are all the same size and are 12.7mm by 76.2mm and the wire used on this prison mesh is 6mm thick galvinised and powder coarted wire.

The Panels are 2.5 M wide and line up on the post to the next panel meaning the post centers are also 2.5M. The post is atcually 2.6M High which allows you to dig in the 0.6M under ground unless you choose for the posts to base plated in which case the posts will be cut to 2M and the base plate added.

The posts are made of 60mm by 60mm box section steel which are galvinised and powder coated.