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This palisade fencing kit will cover up to (2.75) metres and includes:
  • (1) Palisade Fencing Post/s
  • (17) 'W' Section Palisade Fencing Pales
  • (1) Palisade Fencing Top Rail/s
  • (1) Palisade Fencing Bottom Rail/s
  • (2) Palisade Fencing Fishplates
  • (4) Palisade Fencing M12 Bolts and nuts.
  • (34) Palisade Fencing M8 Bolts
  • Please remember to order your end posts if you need them.

2.0m High ‘W’ Section Palisade Security Fencing, powder coated from £35.50 per metre


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Product Description

This 2.0m high powder coated Palisade Fencing is suitable for locations which require a medium level of security. Easy to assemble, it is designed for permanent installation and is an extremely robust and reliable security fencing solution. Palisade Fencing is an ideal option for guarding the perimeter of industrial and commercial buildings plus public areas.

Palisade Fencing is manufactured from cold rolled steel and has been galvanised with a protective zinc coating to help prevent rust. The security fencing is also supplied with a powder coated finish which increases the resilience of the Palisade, as well as providing it with a brighter and more aesthetically pleasing appearance. We offer this 2.0m high Palisade Fencing in green, blue and black powder coating colours.