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2.1m x 1.2m Pedestrian Palisade Gate.


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Product Description

You should use a 2.1m x 1.2m Pedestrian Palisade Gate for the formation of a pedestrian entrance and exit point on a site along with your Palisade Security Fencing System. The gate’s 1.2m width is only suitable for pedestrian access and is not appropriate for vehicle use. When the gate is not in use, it effectively secures your premises by becoming an integrated part of the Palisade Security Fencing structure.

Please Note: Images are for illustrative purposes, all products may vary slightly.

Gate Height : This is the height from the ground to the top of the Palisade and will include a small amount of clearance at the bottom to allow the gate to open. Also the gate posts will be longer to allow for digging and concreting into the ground unless you choose the base plated option.

Gate Width : As standard all our stated gate widths above are the width of the actual gate frame not including the post or hinge. If you require a different gate width then please call us as we can make any non standard gate you need.

Gate Hang : The hang of the gate is only applicable to single leaf gates and we always say the hang is the side the hinge is on when you are stood outside the gate looking in.

Post Type : You can choose Dig in or base plated. As standard all our gates are dig in. If you choose the base plated option then the posts will be cut and base plated. N.B. We can supply base plated bolts but these are an extra.

Powder Coating your Gate : Our standard powder coating colours on in the option box but you can choose any Ral colour you like. When you place your order one of our team will contact you to get your chosen RAL colour and advise you on our current timescales for our powder coating.