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3.0m x 8.0m Double Leaf Palisade Gate


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Product Description

This 3.0m x 8.0m Double Leaf Palisade Gate is really useful for creating a vehicle access point for all vehicles. It is easy to install and can be integrated into Palisade Security Fencing structures will keep your premises protected from intrusion. To secure the gate when it is closed you should shift the sliding latch bolt across and then slot to two drop bolts into the ground. You can also provide your palisade fencing and gate with extra security by using a Heavy Duty Padlock to lock the sliding latch bolt in place.

This palisade gate is suitable for areas which require a very high level of security, due to its 3.0 height. Before beginning construction of this gate and your palisade security fencing, you must first consider the ground type on which you will assemble them, as this factor will influence which type of gate posts you will need to use. To construct this gate on concrete surfaces you will require Bolt Down posts, however if you construct this palisade fencing and gate on a softer ground surface you will therefore require Dig-In posts. You can choose the correct posts for your gate when placing your order.

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