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1.8m high Standard Vertical Bar Powder Coated Railings from £51.50 per metre


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Product Description

Features and benefits

  • These railings are hard to climb over and effectively restrict people from climbing through the railing gaps. The railing bars are also positioned so that you can still have a clear view through the system without obstruction.
  • The steel is coated with a protective layer of zinc which helps to prevent the railings from rusting.
  • The railings are also supplied with a polyester powder coated finish which makes them more striking, as well as more resilient to vandalism damage, weathering and general wear.
  • Please Note: Images are for illustrative purposes, all products may vary slightly.



Constructing these 1.8m high Standard Vertical Bar Railings around the perimeter of your site will provide security and protection, to help prevent intruders gaining unauthorised access. They can also be used to effectively mark out restricted or private areas. This type of fencing is a popular choice for many public locations because of its aesthetically pleasing look; which is achieved through its polyester powder coated finish and railing style. The railings are made from galvanised steel and are extremely resilient and long-lasting. If the railings are assembled on sloping ground, they should be stepped as this type of fencing is non-raking. This fencing is also compatible with gates that are non-raking.

Your railing system will be provided with the necessary fixings and posts ready for construction. If each end of your railing structure does not join together you will need to use an additional post. Railing bays possess a 2.75m. 

As we manufacture our railings in house we can also make them to your custom specification. The prices quoted on this page are for our standard specification Vertical Bar Railings which can be seen in the detailed table below.

Our standard Vertical Bar Railings comes with 22 vertical bars per bay with 120mm bar centres.

We hold some stock but most of our Vertical Bar is made to order. We can supply our Vertical Bar Railings galvanised or galvanised and powder coated as stated above in virtually any RAL colour you choose, simply select the RAL colour from above.

Full Technical Specification :

Height Rails ( m.s flat ) Bar Dia (mm) Posts Post Centres Post Height (Overall) Tip Height

1 M 40 X 8 12 50X 50 RHS 2.75 M 1.6 M 150 mm
1.2 M 40 X 8 12 50X 50 RHS 2.75 M 1.8 M 150 mm
1.5 M 40 X 10 16 50X 50 RHS 2.75 M 2.1 M 150 mm
1.8 M 40 X 10 16 50X 50 RHS 2.75 M 2.4 M 150 mm
1.8 M 50 X 10 20 102 X 44 RSJ 2.75 M 2.4 M 150 mm
2.1 M 50 X 10 20 102 X 44 RSJ 2.75 M 2.7 M 150 mm
2.4 M 50 x 10 20 102 x 44 RSJ 2.75 m 3.0 M 150 mm